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Handcrafted Guestbooks

Venice wedding album guestbook hotel

Are you looking for an individual illustrated guest book for your wedding or other special events? Take a look to these elegant handmade blank paper books created by Rosanna Corrò. Each book is cover-illustrated with an original handmade colored drawing by the Venetian artist Noemí Carrau Gual.

Travel diary

All these beautiful handcrafted books are waiting for a creative person to write on its black or white pages. The book is ideal for your Venice itinerary or travel diary to keep your memories, or for use as an elegant photograph, sketchbook and drawing album, or as a wine log or wine journal.

Personalized cover-illustration

Most books are illustrated with colored drawings of Venice. But you can ask also for a personal individual cover-illustrated wedding album or for other special occasions. Or do you like to have an elegant guest book illustrated with an original drawing of your hotel, institution, or company. Just send us a photo or tell us the idea of what you would like to have the cover drawing.

Venice travel diary black paper book Venice travel diary wine log journal book Venice art sketchbook photograph drawing album

Graphic art design & Illustrations
Noemí Carrau Gual, Venice, Italy

Cover artwork & Illustrations

Noemí Carrau Gual, Venice, Italy

Paper-artwork craft shop

Rosanna Corrò, Venice, Italy